with Dr. Bernard J. Baars

SPRING 2010               2  Web Course Offerings            March 13 - May 16, 2010


1   Science and Positive Conscious Experiences: An introduction.

2Advanced WebSeminar on Mind, Brain and Consciousness.

        Continued from Fall, 2009. Current Seminar members will receive a continuing participant discount.

        New Seminar  members welcome.


       Both classes will run every Saturday and Sunday, March 13 - May 16, 2010

       Live Introductory Course Discussions will be 10am -12 noon Pacific Time

       The Advanced Seminar will be live 2-4 on Sundays, Pacific Time.

       “Asynch” Discussions will be available throughout the week.                    

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STANDARD:                $325______                  STUDENT: $225______     

STANDARD EARLY   $275______                   STUDENT EARLY:  $175______

 Before Feb 15                                                     Before Feb 15


Choose one or both

________________ Science and Positive Conscious Experiences

________________  Advanced WebSeminar on Mind, Brain and Consciousness

________________ SIGN UP FOR BOTH CLASSES BEFORE 2/15 and RECEIVE A $100.00 DISCOUNT



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